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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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randy: we are following breaking news at 4:30. emily: a terrifying crime spree in worcester. the string of sex assaults and carjackings police say one man is responsible for committing in just hours. randy: new information emerging about the death of a jogger in princeton. that as neighbors comes together to share their grief and concern. the gymnasts now known as the final five. the big moments from rio. we will have that for you ahead .breaking overnight, a man is -- we will have that for you ahead. cindy: the humidity is picking up with a southwesterly wind, increasing to about 10 miles per hour. a lot of 60's in the suburbs from plymouth to the north shore. worcester at 67 right now, and
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the west of the clouds, some showers and a of thunderstorms are working from west to east along with increased humidity. there will be a changeable day, with a little sunshine this morning, and by late morning the early this afternoon, there will be showers and thunderstorms around. although it is very humid, it will mostly be in the low to mid 80's, with temperatures held down by the cloud cover. by 10:00, most of the activity is still west of the worcester area. by late morning, it is getting closer into metrowest and boston. then we may see a second round fire up. there will be hit or miss storms today that will be scattered in nature, wet and that it downpours could lead to more widespread flooding. keep that in mind. right now, the roads are dry. olessa: right. a live look, at check of the gas
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expressway by the gas tank. so far no problems. let's check the rest of your ride, the overnight construction, expressway by mass avenue and south of town with construction picking up on route 3. click looks great. some road work on 128, some on route 2. trains and buses are starting on schedule. randy: breaking overnight, a man is due in court today accused of carjacking and raping several women. police say it started in downtown worcester last night at he raped and carjacked a woman. police say he then carjacked another woman sexually assaulted her before she managed to escape. police finally cornered antonio damon on denny street running through backyards of this neighborhood after a report of another attack at a business there. emily: a show of support and grief as we learn new details about the death of a woman who just went out for a run.
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the eyeopener's sera congi is in -- police say they've gotten hundreds of tips about this crime which still has this community very much on edge. and they're asking for more. 5 investigates breaking new information in the case. we've learned vanessa marcotte may have been strangled had trauma and burns and that investigators are awaiting the results of a rape kit. all of this comes as princeton residents gather to remember the young woman. hundreds gathered to light candles to share stories and to share concerns. >> she was really, really nice, very genuine person. everybody really liked her, she was so smart and such a good person. emily: marcotte's body was found in the woods on sunday. she was visiting from new york where she works at google just out for an afternoon jog near her mother's house. police have set up an anonymous tipline that number is at the bottom of your screen. they say they still don't know if marcotte was targeted or if
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a staffer is charged with raping a special needs student. prosecutors say the victim is a 16-years-old boy who suffers from multiple disabilities. they say steven macdonald, in his role as a para professional, would assist the boy in the bathroom, where the crimes allegedly occurred. >> the defendant continuously threatened to go to the victims home and kill his mother. victim is incredible and unbelievable and it will all come out at trial. randy: macdonald is also the school's assistant football coach. student athletes who know him told newscentrer 5 off camera they are withholding judgment. this is not the coach mac they know. emily: 5 investigates hs learned a district court judge is in trouble and off the job this morning. the trial court confirms judge michael creedon is on administrative leave. creedon is the first justice in falmouth district court. the trial court says, allegations against creedon have
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conduct commission which disciplines judges. but they won't say what the allegations are. however, 5 investigates has learned creedon is under investigation for allegedly making an insensitive comment. he's been on leave since june 30. randy: allies of donald trump are trying to clarify more controversial comments this morning. this time critics say his words amount to a death threat. >> corrupt. if he said that to me, i would say, are you out of your mind? i saw it, i heard it, i know what it meant. randy: trump supporter rudy giuliani says in no way did the candidate advocate someone killing hillary clinton. it all started when trump said this about gun owners. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment.
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>> if she gets to take her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, a.b. there is. randy: the harshest response to that coming from democrat chris murphy of connecticut, where the newtown massacre happened. the senator tweeted, "don't treat this as a political misstep. it's an assassination threat, seriously upping the possibility of a national tragedy and crisis." kaine is headed to new england this weekend. he'll campaign in manchester new hampshire on saturday at what's being called a democratic organizing event. it will be held at st. anselm college. it's back to the pool today in rio. but this morning people are still talking about team usa's golden girls, including aly raisman. randy: the eye's erika tarantal is here with a very special win. erika: what a performance for this talented team a gold medal
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they dubbed themselves the final five a tribute to retiring national coordinator martha karolyi. aly raisman led these highly accomplished young women to a stunning win, beating their closest rivals by more than eight points, the biggest margin since 1960. raisman sharing her joy on twitter writing "we are the final five, oh and one more thing we're also olympic champions. next stop for raisman the individual all-around tomorrow. team usa just as golden in the michael phelps with two big wins, in his signature event the 200-meter fly and anchoring the 4 by 200 freestyle relay. that ups his total of golds to 21. and american katie ledecky captured her second gold of these games winning the 200 meter freestyle. that all adds up to some pretty impressive hardware the u.s. now has 26 medals, nine of them gold. china still in second place. one disappointing note, defending champ serena williams
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committing a stunning five double faults in one game alone. randy, emily. emily: harvard researchers release a concerning study on drinking water. randy: the chemicals found and the potential impact on the health of those drinking it. and a family pet killed at a kennel. the decision law enforcement is expected to make on the future of that facility. emily: and new information on the price of gas. how much you could be paying to fill up your car this fall. cindy: the threat of showers and downpours today, possibly even thunder, but then they turned the heat and humidity.
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randy: millions of americans may be exposed to unsafe drinking water. that's the unsettling finding from a new harvard study. scientists found unsafe levels of industrial chemicals called pfs-as in water samples across the country. those chemicals are used to make things like packaging and fabrics. when ingested they can cause health problems. studies have linked the chemicals to high cholesterol, obesity and even weak immune systems in children. right now a kennel owner is facing criminal charges after this family pet was killed in an attack. emily: this morning the license for briarwood kennel is hanover has been suspended and could be revoked. tracey siciliano says when she picked up her 3-year-old dog ben after a family vacation he was emaciated and bleeding. she took him to the vet but within 24 hours ben was dead. siciliano says the dog had been mauled by the kennel owner's dog grizzly.
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>> he was the world to me, it was like having another kid. emily: siciliano says grizzly had bitten ben once before but his owner promised to keep them apart. a hearing on monday will determine what should be done with grizzly and whether the kennel should be able to reopen. owner david ricardo is facing a criminal charge of animal cruelty he wouldn't make any statements to us, just calling it a quote bad day. big papi's bobblehead night cancelled at fenway. randy: the reason why fans will have to collect on the team's iou. and police stepping up enforcement on the roads. the recent crashes that's led to
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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emily: we have enjoyed these cool, comfortable temperatures. or less humid. cindy: yeah, but things are changing. there is more humidity building and and tonight is the best opportunity of seeing some rain because we all need it desperately. have an umla because we will see scattered showers and downpours and the best chance of the late morning to midday and once again pass today is all about the heat. we have not seen any 90 degree temperatures in august yet but look at this -- starting tomorrow into friday and into saturday, we will be at or above
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100 degrees. the heat advisory from noon until 7:00 coming up tomorrow. the oppressive stuff is still to the south, feeding in on the southerly wind. it is mainly clear in boston and there is that southwesterly wind bringing in more humid air. with the added we are only around 70 on the cape plymouth from the upper 60's to lawrence, typically one of the cooler spots -- temperatures today will be held it down a little bit and we will top out in the lower 80's. you can see what's happening off to the west so some
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further south there are a few more popping up over long island. this is all working in on the backside of high-pressure with the disturbance writing in showers fill in -- with the disturbance writing in. this is late morning. i lunchtime notice the weather closing in from worcester into boston. the area coverage but i think they will be hit or miss in nature which could lead to localized or drainage flooding. early afternoon hours, you can see the first batch shifting out, but there's a second area of showers and possible thunderstorms coming up later this afternoon. there may be a couple rounds here today so if you are headed to fenway tonight, there could
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and we aren't cooling off much tonight. a lot of us stay in the low 70's overnight and look at the highest tomorrow, as high as 98 up in lawrence. when you factor in the high humidity we are talking about over 100 degrees. the after saturday but they will come back possibly sunday into monday so hopefully we can get a good trend of water. olessa: thank you. a quiet start on the roads with a live look at the pike. not see any problems just yet, overnight construction in the
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with. it should be clearing shortly on route 2. trains and buses on schedule. emily: expect to see more police on the roads after a string of crashes in work zones. starting this week, troopers will increase patrols and launch a new public awareness campaign. this summer, there have been 5 serious crashes in work zones including two where people were killed. officials say all five crashes involv a >> these are people behind the columns, mothers and fathers, children, grandparents, it on send uncles. we need to be very clear that those people are in danger. monaco local police are getting grants to take part in the increased enforcement which is expected to run through labor day. randy: if you're flying delta today, you can expect more cancellations and delays. the airline is working to get back to normal after a power
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delta says back up systems did not work as planned. more than 1600 flights have been cancelled over the last two days. emily: to your economy this wednesday morning asian stocks were mostly lower overnight thanks to what analysts call a mid-summer lull. right now u.s. stock futures are higher after some small gains yesterday. investors are waiting for new retail sales data which is due out on friday. gas prices are expected to fall below $2 a gallon. administration predicts the prices will drop in october, for regular grade and stay that way through february, looking to start rising again in the spring. randy: at&t ordered to pay millions to its customers. the fcc says the company must pay out nearly $8 million after allowing scammers to charge customers $9 a month for a directory assistance service that did not work. the scam mostly targeted small businesses. the company must also pay
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refund checks should be on the way in the next 90 days. emily: big papi bobblehead night called off. the red sox say the figurines are racially offensive. this morning, the company that crafted them is responding. red sox fans leaving fenway park with i.o.u.'s and feeling a bit perplexed. here are the two versions of the david ortiz bobblehead. the expected version on the right. and what was actually delivered on the left. fans spot the difference right >> does that offend you? >> yeah. emily: the manufacturer bda incorporated released this statement. "we value our decades-long relationship with the red sox organization and its decision to postpone the david ortiz bobblehead giveaway. we're currently working closely with the red sox to ensure the team and its fans receive a
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randy: some of the top trending stories now, former nfl quarterback and current espn broadcaster tim tebow is looking to make a career change. he wants to play professional baseball. tebow has been training in arizona and la for the past year. he hasn't played on a baseball team since 2005 that was the year he was an all-state baseball player in florida when he was in high school. going for the gold or the green? the picture on your left is what the olympic diving pool looked like on monday, on your right yesterday's pool water. looks green. water quality has been a big question of the rio games but not pool water. olympic organizers say the pool was tested and is safe but they have no idea why the water turned green. and check out this rare blue lobster. the captain of the f.v. windsong hauled it in off plymouth
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bleu, our partners at wicked local report. the odds of finding a blue lobster are one in 2 million. it looks like it has been colored on. we are following breaking news in worcester. emily: police put an end to a one man crime spree the string of assaults and carjackings that ended in an arrest. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, they're the summer foods that do double duty. the seasonal treats that can
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randy: and we are following breaking news for your early news to go. emily: worcester police put an end to a one man crime spree. police finally caught antonio
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near damon street. he's accused of raping and carjacking at least two women in separate attacks, and he's also facing armed robbery and kidnapping charges, damon is due in court today. randy: new details about the death of a woman who was killed after going out for a run. five investigates breaking new information in the case. we've learned vanessa marcotte may have been strangled had trauma and burns and that investigators are awaiting the results of a rape kit. all of tco residents gather to remember the young woman. hundreds gathered to light candles to share stories and to share concerns emily: the data recorder from the sunken el faro has been recovered. the el faro sank during the height of hurricane joaquin last october. the hope is the device will help the ntsb piece together what happened to the ship. all 33 people on board died including three with massachusetts ties. randy: a police officer in utah,
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police say the officer passed out behind the wheel of his patrol car after getting a lemonade from a subway restaurant. tests show the drink had been spiked with methamphetamine and thc. an 18-year-old who works at the sandwich shop was arrested. they believe he was targeted because he is a police officer. the kansas city water park where a 10-year-old boy was killed is re-opening today. park officials say a portion of the rides will open at noon though not that particular slide. the boy suffered a fatal neck injuring while riding on sunday. how it happened it still under investigation. emily: a slow start for the sox against the yankees at fenway park. but they got it together by the 5th scoring three runs. things got tense in the 7th inning after chase headley was thrown out trying to stretch his double off the green monster into a triple. benches cleared after headley
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after announcing that this would be his last week with the yankees. a-rod will be in the starting line for new york on thursday at fenway. randy: if you see these pennies, pick them up. you'll have a whole lot more than good luck. two rare american one cent coins dating back to 1792 are expected to sell for nearly a million dollars at a public auction in california starting today. this, the silver center cent. it's expected to sell for about a half million dollars. it was made during the early days of the united states mint. emily: look at that. maybe they have more of them. [laughter] cindy: we are in the 10th day of
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at this point so we are behind for the month and the deficit for the year keeps growing. severe drought conditions across portions of southern new england. i think today is our best opportunity of getting some rain. there will be some advantage downpours in the timing is greatest in terms of when we could get wet around midday. focused off to the west across new york state, embedded thunderstorms, everything slowly working in our direction. we will eventually see the clouds increase, the humidity coming on as well. temperatures today will be held back, mid 80's as opposed to near 90. there's heat off to the south, 93 in d.c., upper 90's toward oklahoma city.
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heat advisory, with us through the first half of the weekend. we break it down as the eyeopener continues. >> now on newscenter 5 -- randy: a wild crime spree ends here in worcester. breaking overnight, new details on the chilling string of sex assaults and violent attacks. emily: a community comes out in droves to remember a woman, killed while jogging. 5 investigates, uncovering new information in the case. randy: donald trump supp hillary clinton. how they're explaining what some see, as a veiled threat. it's on the eye for this wednesday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: also on the eye this morning, you can call them the golden girls. needham native aly raisman and the u.s. women's gymnastics team, just some of the athletes adding to the medal count.


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